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The Power of Full Moon and Supermoon Cleansing and Charging - Gypsy Soul Jewellery

The Power of Crystal Cleansing during the Full Moon

Elevate Your Crystal Connection: Full Moon and Supermoon Magic

Experience the magic of lunar energy with this guide to cleansing and charging crystals under the full moon and supermoon. Learn how to awaken your crystals to their full potential and how to align them with your intentions. Join me on a journey of cosmic rejuvenation and crystal empowerment.


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Cleanse Your Crystals During Tonight's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

The full moon - apart from being a beautiful natural spectacle to watch, is also the perfect time, not only to cleanse yourself from negative thoughts, but also to cleanse your crystals and especially your crystal jewellery and charge them with new energy. Tonight this energy is even stronger - a super moon combined with a lunar eclipse.

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