Cleanse Your Crystals During Tonight's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Why should you cleanse your crystals during the full moon?

The full moon - apart from being a beautiful natural spectacle to watch, is also the perfect time, not only to cleanse yourself from negative thoughts, but also to cleanse your crystals and especially your crystal jewellery and charge them with new energy. Tonight this energy is even stronger - a super moon combined with a lunar eclipse. This happens when the sun, the earth and the moon are all aligned, with the earth being in the middle and the moon passes into the shadow of the earth. The last time this happened was 30 years ago and and it won't be until 2033 for the next supermoon and lunar eclipse to coincide.

So don't forget to leave your crystals and crystal jewellery outside or on a moonlit window sill during the night. It will cleanse and charge them with the soft and gentle energy of the moon.

If you forget to put them out tonight, don't worry, the lunar energy is still very strong, the day after the full moon. Remember to bring your crystals and jewellery back inside in the morning. If there's a probability that it will rain during the night, it might be better if you leave it on the window ledge.

Full moon crystal cleansing

Moonlight Crystal Cleansing - One of the safest methods

There are many different methods of cleansing your crystals, but the moonlight cleansing is safe for all types of crystals. A very powerful way of charging your crystal is by exposing them to sunlight. This method however can be harmful to some crystals, such as aquamarine, citrine, amethyst or rose quartz, as they can fade in sunlight.

have a very feminine energy and are associated with the moon and it is also the stone of the goddess Diana.

Safe method to cleanse your crystals

clears away negative energy, which makes it a powerful protection stone. Especially if you wear your very often, it´s important to cleanse it regularly and to charge it with new and positive energy. You can also use positive affirmations to accompany your cleansing ritual. If you use the crystals for yourself, it's better if you don't let anyone handle them afterwards, as they will easily absorb the energy of others.

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