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Beach Boho Godess Cowrie Shell Hoop Earrings

A mesmerizing fusion of boho and beach styles that beautifully embodies the essence of femininity, travel, and conscious living. Crafted with love, these cowrie shell hoop earrings are designed to resonate with your adventurous spirit and your deep connection to the sea.

🌴 Beach Boho Beauty:

These earrings seamlessly blend beachside serenity with boho chic. Fashioned with silver brass hoops, they showcase the timeless allure of cowrie shells and recycled beads. It's not just jewellery; it's a symbol of your love for travel and your celebration of the divine feminine.

🐚 Cowrie Shell Magic:

The cowrie shell, steeped in symbolism, has long been associated with femininity. These earrings pay homage to the strength, beauty, and resilience that define the feminine spirit. They're a powerful symbol of protection, prosperity, and a profound connection to the ocean – a perfect reflection of your inner strength.

♻️ Recycled Brilliance:

I carefully selected recycled gemstone beads to infuse Eco-consciousness into these earrings. It's a testament to my commitment to sustainability and integrity.

🌊 Your Everyday Adventure:

Whether you're strolling along the shoreline or exploring new horizons, these earrings are the perfect companions. They embody the spirit of travel, the beauty of embracing each moment, and the strength of the feminine.

🎁 Perfect Gift for You or a Loved One:

Whether you're treating yourself or seeking a thoughtful gift, our Beach Boho Goddess Cowrie Shell Hoop Earrings are a reflection of your adventurous spirit and your connection to the feminine divine. They're a perfect fit for women like you, who value both style and the profound essence of femininity.

Length: 5cm/ 2"



All earrings come in a beautiful jewellery box or a jewellery pouch, ready for gift giving or to safely store your earrings.


Jewellery Care Guide: Preserving Your Precious Pieces

Taking care of your jewellery isn’t just about keeping it sparkling. It’s also about preserving its wearability and life span. It is normal that your jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. However, knowing when to put your jewellery on and when to take it off, is the first important thing that you need to know if you want to enjoy your new Gypsy Soul Jewellery for a long time. Our comprehensive Jewellery Care Guide provides all the practical tips and tricks you need to ensure your treasures always look their best.

Tips for Long Lasting Jewellery

  • You should not wear your jewellery in the shower and remember to take it off before entering a swimming pool or a spa. Exposing your jewellery to chlorine water, can damage the metals and also change the colour.
  • It is strongly recommended that you take your jewellery off when going to sleep. Apart from being uncomfortable, chains may kink or break and dangles may be damaged.
  • It is also recommended that you keep your jewellery away from high temperature and humidity and remove it, when on the beach and in the sea.
  • Better take your jewellery off during contact sport. It might not only harm you but also others.
  • Don't spray perfume where you wear your necklace and always put it on after applying cosmetics, hairspray or lotion, as the chemicals can damage your jewellery.
  • Always remove your gypsy soul jewellery when you use cream or oil. You should apply it before putting on your jewellery and then wait until it has been totally absorbed. The best is to put on your jewellery once you are dressed

How to enjoy your Jewellery for a long time

In order for your jewellery to last long, keep it shiny and good looking, you should follow a few basic jewellery care tips. Dust, chemicals ingredients found in perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics, pollution and daily wear, can corrode metals or damage the surface of a gemstone. Understanding the importance of jewellery care can make a lot of difference in maintaining its quality and beauty. In this jewellery care guide you will find some helpful instructions on what you should take care of when wearing your jewellery, brass and gemstone cleaning tips and what is the best way to store your gypsy treasures.

How to store your Jewellery

Brass and silver jewellery can tarnish even when it´s not worn. Therefore the best is, to store them in air-tight containers, away from moisture air and humidity. A very good solution is to keep your jewellery in zip lock bags, as they work very well for this and separate it from one another to prevent scratching and scuffing. If it’s silver jewellery, put an aluminium foil into the bag before closing it, as this will prevent the silver from tarnishing. If you have a fabric-lined box, you can store it separately or individually wrapped in tissue or a cloth, in order to prevent scratches and ravelling of your jewellery. If you don't have a jewellery box, be creative and use a shoebox or any other type of air tight container to keep your jewellery safe. Do not store your gypsy soul jewellery in the bathroom. Ideally you should store it in a dry, cool and dark place.

If you want to know more about the specific care of Mala Beads, please click here: Mala Beads Care

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