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Gypsy Soul Jewellery is inspired by travels, music and different cultures around the world. High quality fashion jewellery with a boho rock influence, using materials such as brass, leather, silver, wood, quartz crystals and beautiful gemstones.
A gorgeous piece of jewellery can make you shine in any outfit. No matter if you prefer rather a fine delicate necklace for the casual everyday wear, a large statement necklace or long leather earrings to impress with your outfit. At Gyspy Soul Jewellery you will find your special little gypsy treasure to complete your bohemian look. Choose from a wide range of gypsy jewellery, as adjustable rings, beach bracelets, boho leather jewellery, quartz necklaces, crystal healing jewellery, turquoise earrings and more. Don’t be shy and layer your jewellery, especially your necklaces and colourful bracelets. Mix and match between short and long necklaces and even different colours, as gold, silver and rose gold. At Gypsy Soul Jewellery everything goes!
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