Blue Goldstone meaning & properties

Goldstone, is actually a man-made stone. It is quartz and glass infused with copper particles in gold goldstone and cobalt, manganese or chromium result in a dark, shimmery blue goldstone. It is said that the stone was invented in Venice, in the 17th century by the Miotti family.

Wear and use goldstones to help make your dreams come true, no matter how crazy or how big your goal might be. It is said to help you unlock your full potential.

Goldstone is a stone of vitality and ambition. It’s an uplifting stone that promotes vitality and enhances energy. Goldstone also encourages a positive attitude, bravery and increases confidence.

The sparkles in blue goldstones, reminds of the stars in the night sky, galaxies and constellations. If you feel drawn to this sparkling otherworldly looking stone, it could be a sign that you are ready to step into a new spiritual world. If that is the case, start using it in your daily meditation practice.

With its soothing colour, blue goldstone is associated to the throat chakra and can help you stay calm in emotionally difficult situation and will ensure that you do not say something that you might regret afterwards. Blue goldstones are also linked to the third eye chakra and connects you with the Divine.

Gold goldstone on the other hand is an amazing grounding stones and linked to the sacral chakra. It can help to restore balance and harmony.


Chakra: Third Eye & Throat Chakra (blue) / Sacral Chakra (gold)

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