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☽ Live life to its fullest, be wild, adventurous and free! ☾

Meet the Designer:

Gypsy Soul Jewellery is not just a brand; it's a labor of love handcrafted by one woman, Helen Mark. Founded in 2011 in the enchanting city of Barcelona, Spain, the brand reflects Helen's unique journey and creative spirit.

Born in Romania and raised in Germany, Helen's multicultural background combined with her unwavering passion for travel served as the driving force behind Gypsy Soul Jewellery's distinctive identity. It's a small, one-woman business, and every piece is meticulously crafted by Helen herself.

It all began with a deep love for exploring the world, a wealth of creative ideas, and a collection of recycled leather pieces. Initially crafting jewellery solely for herself, Helen soon received overwhelming feedback from friends and family. This outpouring of support ignited the spark that led her to explore selling her creations online.

Over the years, Gypsy Soul Jewellery has evolved into more than just a jewellery brand. While still inspired by the thrill of travel and love for nature, it now encompasses a holistic lifestyle that includes yoga, meditation, and conscious living. Healing gemstones and mala beads have become integral elements of the designs, reflecting Helen's personal journey and values.

Today, as a mother to an active toddler, Helen embraces the delicate balance of work, family, and self-care. Her commitment to crafting each piece with love and care remains unwavering, ensuring that every Gypsy Soul Jewellery creation carries a piece of her spirit.


Our Core Values:

    Adventure and Mindful Living: We celebrate the spirit of adventure and mindful living. Our jewellery is designed to accompany you on your journey, reminding you to embrace every moment and find mindfulness in the everyday.

    Customer Happiness and Loyalty: Your happiness is our ultimate goal, and loyalty is the foundation of our relationships. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and building lasting connections with our valued customers.

    Positive Healing Energy: Each piece we create is infused with positive healing energy. Each piece of jewellery serves as a source of inspiration and positivity, promoting emotional and spiritual well-being.

    Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness: We are committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Our materials are thoughtfully selected, and our practices are mindful of the impact on the planet

    Community and Consciousness: We believe in the power of community and collective consciousness. Together, we share a journey of growth, mindfulness, and positive energy.


    Mission Statement:

    At Gypsy Soul Jewellery, we're on a mission to sprinkle a little more magic into your everyday life. Our jewellery isn't just about looking fabulous; it's your daily dose of adventure, mindfulness, and good vibes!

    Live life to its fullest, be wild, adventurous, and free—this is our mantra, and each piece is crafted to echo this spirit. We believe in the power of jewellery to inspire your wanderlust, awaken your inner free spirit, and boost your positive energy. All pieces are crafted with love and a dash of whimsy, so you can express your unique style while embracing the joy of life's adventures.

    Join us on a journey where gemstones dance with your spirit, and every piece is a playful reminder to live life to the fullest. Welcome to Gypsy Soul Jewellery, where we make your soul sparkle one piece at a time.

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