Crystal Quartz

The word quartz comes from the German word "quarz" and the word crystal from the word "krystallos", which is Greek and means ice.

Clear quartz or crystal quartz is a real power stone and also known as a "master healer". It amplifies, stores and balances the energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Quartz also clears away negative energy,which makes it a powerful protection stone. It is helpful in spiritual growth, used often for meditation and can increase inspiration and creativity and help in concentrating and retaining what one learns.
Use Crystal Quartz to stimulate your Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra controls how we think and how we respond to our environment. When your Crown Chakra is in balance, you are also in balance.

Chakra: Crown Chakra
Zodiac: All birthsigns

Crystal Quartz Jewellery