Amethyst Meaning & Properties

Amethyst radiates peace and tranquility. This peaceful but powerful variety of quartz opens the Third Eye Chakra and awakens your inner spirituality.

The word is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” which comes from the prefix a-, meaning “not,” and methyein “to be drunk.” For that reason, it is said that amethyst promotes self-control, which can be beneficial when trying to release yourself from any kind of addiction, compulsive or destructive behaviour. Nowadays, it is considered a semi-precious stone but ancient Greeks and Romans used amethyst placed a high value in this stone.  At times in history, it was considered as precious as diamonds. Their belief was that the amethyst crystal meaning was synonymous with luxury and they used in jewellery, crowns and sceptres.

Today, amethyst is considered a stone of protection. Its high frequency purifies the aura or negative energy or attachments and can give you the feeling that you are surrounded by an ultraviolet shield of protective light around your body, allowing you to remain clear and calming.Amethysts also protects you against stress and are said to be helpful when suffering from insomnia or nightmares.

Amethyst also increases psychic powers and strengthens your connections to all things mystical and magical. They are great stones for spiritual protection, clarity of mind and inner strength, which makes amethyst a great stone for meditation. It is said to still your thoughts and help to get to the bottom of your emotions and help you understand them. When meditating with amethyst stones, they create a space for a higher consciousness.

Use amethyst to stimulate the Third Eye or Crown Chakra and to get a greater understanding of your emotions and to enhance your cognitive perception and your intuition. Amethyst is also a recommended stone for those grieving the loss of someone.The Third Eye Chakra is our window to self-awareness. When then Third Eye Chakra is in balance, it allows us to clearly see and understand things and opens us to new ideas and dreams. The Crown Chakra on the other hand controls how we think and how we respond to our environment. When your Crown Chakra is in balance, you are also in balance.

You should not keep your amethyst in the direct sun for too long, as it will fade to lighter hue over time.

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye
Birthstone: February
Zodiac sign: Pisces & Aquarius

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