Amazonite, also called Amazon stone, is said to be named after the Amazon river.

With it's beautiful blue-green colour, it is a calming and soothing stone which is helpful in stressful situations, such as speaking in public or having to make a difficult decision. Amazonite empowers one to search deep within and discover one's own truths to find inner freedom. It helps us to speak the truth and to make it come true.

The legend says that the warrior women of the Amazon tribe in Brazil used these stones to adorn their shields and to cure wounds. It is also said that they gave it as a gift to great hunters who visited their tribe.

Amazonite can be helpful to overcome insecurities and fears and to direct anger and irritability into a positive action.

It is associated to the Heart & Throat Chakra and therefore beneficial for communication and relationships.

Chakra: Throat & Heart
Zodiac: Virgo


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