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Mala Collection

The Mala Collection consists of 108 Mala beads necklaces & bracelets for japa mala meditation. A great variety of Mala beads for different intentions. Choose between rose quartz malas, labradorite malas, sandalwood mala beads, genuine rudraksha malas, citrine malas, jade malas, crystal quartz malas, onyx malas, aquamarine malas, lapis lazuli malas, goldstone malas and many, many more.

Mixed Moonstone Mala - Femininity Mala

€130.00 EUR

Citrine Mala Beads - Manifestation Mala

€185.00 EUR

Amethyst Mala Beads - Protection Mala

€180.00 EUR

Amazonite Mala Beads - Truth Mala

€109.99 EUR

Lotus Jasper Mala - Peace Mala

€96.00 EUR

Yellow Jade Mala - Joy Mala

€99.00 EUR

Pink Zebra Jasper Mala - Grounded Mala

€90.00 EUR

Blue Goldstone Mala - Ambition Mala

€116.00 EUR

Aquamarine Mala - Courage Mala

€145.00 EUR

Blue Aventurine & Lapis Lazuli Mala - Self Awareness Mala

€96.00 EUR

Labradorite Mala - Intuition Mala

€130.00 EUR

Rose Quartz Mala - Love Mala

€109.00 EUR

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